Why? How? What? Why not?


We love questions. In fact, we collect them.

We asked our current students what they whish they would have known when they applied, and this is what they came up with.

Still got questions?

Björn Westerberg Nauclér
program manager
Telephone: +46(0)176-52806
E-mail: bnaucler@vaddo.fhsk.se

Q: Is change course an online education?

A: The program is intended to take place 100% onsite in Väddö, Sweden. However, with changing regulation due to COVID-19, we have at times been running the education online.

Q: Why are you open for more applications when I'm on the waiting list?

A: change course is sponsored by the Swedish government. In order to secure funding we need to uphold certain quotas of Swedish / EU / international participants. It could be that the group you are a member of is full, while another group is not.

Q: What kind of certifications do you offer?

A: You'll get a really nice looking piece of paper, we promise. But we are not a university and studies at change course does not provide academic credit.

Q: What are you actually doing during class?

A: Perhaps having a look at the schedules for CMT and MI respectively will shed some light on this. And if you still want to know more, just get in touch and we can give a more detailed description.

Q: What do the students think of the course?

A: Check out this short video which might give you an idea. Or join our public Telegram channel and ask them yourself.

Q: What does the application process look like?

A: First send us a written application. You'll then get invited to an admission workshop via video link. Based on this you will receive one of the following answers:
a) You have been admitted to the course.
b) We choose not to admit you to the course at this time.
c) You are put on a waiting list. We will contact you if a spot opens up.

Q: What do I need to bring with me when moving to Sweden?

A: It can get pretty cold and dark during winter, so prepare accordingly - with warm clothes and vitamin D. Except for that, bring a laptop, your favorite notebook, towels, sheets and whatever you might need to make your dorm room feel like home. Oh yes, and bring your own cup for hot beverages.

Q: Is the education really completely free of charge?

A: Yes and no. There are no tuition fees, but boarding and lodging fees. More information on this is available here..

Q: Do I need to translate my transcripts?

A: Yep, if they're in any other language than English or Swedish.

Q: I applied but did not get admitted. Have I failed? Why did this happen?

A: Well, first of all, not being admitted is really nothing else than an invitation to apply again next year. We choose to not give personal feedback to applicants which have not been admitted, but the reasons might not at all have to do with poor performance on your part - it could just as well mean that your personality type would not fit into the team composition this particular year, etc. The reasoning around this might become more clear during the admission interview.

Q: I have made a 12 meter tall metal sculpture that I'd like to attach to my application. Can I do that?

A: Of course! (As long as you pay the freight cost yourself. And that it looks cool enough for us to want to keep at the campus grounds.) In other words, attach whatever you feel might make a good case for selecting you as a participant.