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Quickly solving complex problems together

1-5 day design experiences, where your team merges with ours to tackle a complex problem your organization is facing.

Instead of spending months of work in developing new products or services before putting them to the market, our designers can help you to quickly test and get feedback from real end users. We will not promise that the solutions will work, but one thing which we CAN promise is that you'll learn a lot about both your product idea and organization, and in the worst case scenario the failure came early and hence didn't get costly.

Our method is based on mainly on the Google Ventures' Design Sprint, but also draws inspiration from organizations like Kaospilot, IDEO and Burning Man. The studio is located in on Väddö in the northern part of the Stockholm archipelago, an island accessible via car and public transport. We have a kitchen which prepares cooked meal every day, and beautiful cabins for overnight stays.

Please contact us directly to set a meeting for exploring collaboration potential. No strings attached - we're just curious and would love to get to know you better.

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Björn Westerberg Nauclér
program manager
Telephone: +46(0)176-52806