What is
change course?

Our mission

Our mission is to provide the dreamers of today with the tools they need to solve the problems of tomorrow.
Some say that dreaming is dead and that the days of great explorers have passed. We say that the dreamers of today have a responsibility - that dreaming has never been more important.

There are problems in front of us, some so overwhelming that many choose to ignore them. But for those who dare to dream of solutions, no mountain is too high to climb.
You can't change the world all on your own.
This is the change course core team.

Making teams work

Aurimas Ražanauskas

Teacher - Facilitator

Getting stuff done

Björn W. Nauclér

Program manager, entrepreneurship & leadership

Slowing things down

Malin Eriksson

Personal development & stress management

Getting strategy right

Mattias Axell

Social labs support, civil society & civic tech


change course
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